After nearly seven decades as a pilot, serving as a international airline captain, a test pilot at the edge of space, racing, airshows, and combat in the skies over Vietnam, I am fulfilling a long-time dream of making art.
Having had a lifetime of viewing Earth from high altitudes and speeds, my photo images are an attempt to slow down the passage of time and space; to focus on colors and shapes.  I favor black and white compositions, because to me, they more closely represent the feeling of times past; they also distill compositional elements in a way that emphasizes the play between light, shadow, shapes, patterns, and textures.  This includes an appreciation for the patterns and order of man-made or natural arrangements of repeated elements, symmetric or not, with a strong geometric flavor.
In my paintings I am mesmerized by the beauty of color on color. While this seems contrary to my appeal of black and white photography, the photos represent real objects while my abstract painting is just that, and abstract idea in my head that somehow often relates to how one might feel about a piece of music. Some of my images remind me of hard rock and others like a classical string quartet. 
All Photo images are printed on fine art, heavy stock, high quality Archival papers using a major professional printing facility. In most cases, printing is accomplished using the Canon IPF8300 printer using Canon Lucia inks. 
Mats and backings, if ordered, are strictly museum quality and acid free for the protection of the image. With proper care, ZIP ART images should last a lifetime.
I stress the fact that any of my images are available in paper, canvas or metal, and in any size that suits the buyer. Each order is handled personally. Please see the ORDER page for details on purchasing an image.  


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